The Second Myth

The Second Myth: Perpetuating the Power of the Argentinean Military Government

Although the previous item fully explains the reasons why the Argentinean government took the decition of troops disembarkment on the Falkland islands —a decision any sovereign state is entitled to—many have speculated, without any supporting evidence, that such disembarkment was an attempt made by the Argentinean Military Government to stay in power indefinitely.

This is absolutely false. So, where can the truth be found? The truth, as usual, can be found in THE HARD FACTS.

After leaving their office as members of the Military Presidential Board, lieutenant general Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri, admiral Jorge Anaya, and brigadier general Basilio Lami Dozo prepared a report —known as the Former Commanders  Report—, consisting of four volumes and seventeen annexes containing evidence documents.

This report is on file numbered 59 at the Federal Court of Appeals. Another copy was sent to the Argentinean Academy of History. Presumably, other copies might be available at the Ministry of Defense and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When I started my work as lieutenant general Galtieri attorney’s for the defense, I was presented with all the documents mentioned above —which allowed me to undertake his technical defense in the case—, and studied them during a period of nine months. And here is the fact that belies this myth.

Within the annexes was mentioned a minute documenting a meeting which took place in February of 1982 —I cannot quote the exact date since a long time has passed— which established an agenda with different topics to be addressed by the Government. One of them was the passing of the Regulations for the Argentinean Political Parties, and a schedule for the organization of nationwide presidential elections.

The date contemplated for the discussion of this topic was June 14, 1982. Big destiny paradox -or history.

Enough said.