Alberto A. de Vita

Gral. Galtieri Defense Attorney ~ Author of Malvinas/82 book

I’ve read and studied all the documentation about the events thoroughly.

Neither a word nor a testimony or even a single document stated that the Argentine government of that time was planning to land in Malvinas on April 1982.

There was, in conclusion, no other choice but to investigate the British side. And what a surprise! Reasons, interests and facts were concatenated in a perfect harmonious relationship that would lead to the conflict, twelve years ago.

God willing that this work reaches every Argentinean through his reason to truly understand what happened.

“The most important Argentine foreign policy of the 20th century”


— Second Edition —

Malvinas: how and why

Find out how and why Great Britain, in the year 1982, and based on previous planning, surprised the Argentine government with an act of aggression, thus precipitating an unstoppable escalation towards war.

“At this precise moment, twelve years later.
Now comes the moment of truth”

Author and Defense Attorney